Carton / Bag Closure

Carton / Bag Closure

Welcome to a better choice. The 银河集团app team takes pride in being at the forefront of distribution when it comes to meeting your needs whether you are in Southeast Florida, Latin America or the Caribbean. We have factory direct distribution for Stanley-Bostitch, Hartco-Spenax, BeA, Senco, Duo-Fast, Paslode, and many more well known brands. We stock a wide range of fasteners and tools. Our team can fulfill your Carton and Bag closing needs. Please contact us about your need, a live person will be more than glad to help you complete your search successfully.


Box bottom lid closure. Tray construction.


D-Containers.  Carton and Plastic End Caps.  Trays and Lids. CARTONmanualpneumaticpliers

Netting Bag Closure. Plastic Bag Closure. Paper Bag Closure. Carton Headers on Plastic Bags.

CARTONmanualpneumaticC Ringers

Very heavy multilayer carton stapling